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A Fresh Approach to Dental Care

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At Long Wharf Dental Group in New Haven, we believe everyone should have a pleasant experience at a dental office. When someone feels comfortable and enjoys talking to the staff, they are more likely to come in for regular exams. Preventative care helps avoid dental problems. We would rather see our patients come in for regular exams and teeth cleanings, rather than coming in with painful cavities and abscesses. We know a dental appointment isn’t everyone’s idea of a great day, but it shouldn’t be something a person wants to avoid. Make an appointment to see our dentist in New Haven and discover that visiting a dentist can be a pleasant experience. Yes, our way of providing a fresh approach is to hear patients say, ‘Wow, that went way better than I imagined it would be1″

Why is Comfort Important to Dental Patients?

At our dentist’s office in New Haven, we treat everyone like family. Whether it is your first visit, or you’ve been coming here for years, you’ll feel just like you walked into your family home. Smiles abound and you’ll be called by your name. You’ll find our practice comfortable and relaxing. We have a comfy waiting room and our treatment chairs are pretty comfortable, too. Since we also serve children, we have things for them to do in the waiting room as well. We also love to meet and greet them!

Our dentist will ensure your comfort for any procedure you will undergo. Periodically, your dentist will ensure you’re not in pain throughout the procedure. You can also call us if you’re feeling unexpected pain after a procedure. Your comfort is important to us before, during and after your appointment. We never want you to avoid necessary dental care because you are concerned about discomfort. Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever, so we want to ensure our patients don’t experience it.

At Long Wharf Dental Group, we offer same-day appointments for emergencies. If your issue can wait a day or two, we’ll be happy to explain what you can do in the meantime. If you’re not sure it is an emergency, call us and ask. We know you are not a dentist and may need a professional opinion. If we can’t see you as quickly as we need to, we may refer you to another dental care provider in our network so you can be seen sooner.

Long Wharf Dental Group Provides Compassionate Care

At Long Wharf Dental Group, we emphasize with our patients who are in pain or feeling nervous about their appointment. Everyone has had different experiences in the past with dentists; some are not too pleasant. In the past, some dentists made their patients feel like babies because they were concerned about pain. We understand this, so we do whatever it takes to put a person at ease. We have ways to help you relax and won’t start any procedure until you are ready. When we provide compassionate care, you’ll never feel like we’re rushing you so we can get the next patient in the chair. Everyone deserves a positive experience at the dentist’s office.

We see multiple patients come into our dentist’s office in New Havenwho have not seen a dentist in years. We never lecture them. Instead, we sit down with them and discuss a way to get their dental health back on track. We can spread the work out, taking care of any urgent needs first. We won’t subject you to multiple procedures all in one day. That would be too daunting even for someone who got regular dental care. It’s never too late to get started.

If you are looking for compassionate dental care in {GEOID}, please contact us to make an appointment. We’ll put you at ease with our gentle manner and understanding nature.

Our Network of Specialists

We may want to handle all our patient’s needs, but sometimes they may need to see a specialist. We maintain a network of trusted dental specialists that we can refer our patients to if necessary. Some are here in our office, while others may be at another location. We may also refer you to someone in our network if we can’t see you quickly enough in an urgent situation. When we refer you to someone in our network, rest assured, it is a dental professional we know and trust. You’ll receive the same quality care there as you would with us.

What is Collaborative Care?

Collaborative dental care is about a dentist-patient relationship based on honesty and trust. At Long Wharf Dental Group, we believe our patients should be fully involved in making decisions about their dental health. You won’t just come in, get a diagnosis, and then be told what treatment you should have. Your dentist will recommend treatments but will give you the information you need to make an informed choice. You can trust our dentist’s recommendations to be in your best interest. They always offer the most conservative treatment first, not the most expensive one. It is always your choice as to how to resolve your dental issues.

While our dentists are always honest with their patients, we want our patients to be honest with us too, especially about their dental hygiene habits. For example, if you never floss your teeth, but tell us you floss daily, this won’t help you. If you’re honest, we’ll work with you to find an alternative method of flossing that’s easier for you. We also want you to be honest about refusing treatment because it does not fit in your budget. We may be able to help with financing options.

How Important is Communication in Dental Care?

To our dentists at Long Wharf Dental Group, effective communication with our patients involves active listening. They sit in a chair so they are at eye level with their patient and focus on what they are saying. This involves understanding the patient’s anxiety about a diagnosis or their current emotions. Our dentists excel at explaining the proposed treatment options in detail, without using any dental jargon. Your dentist will go into as much or as little detail as you prefer. You can ask questions, like what the procedure will cost and if it will hurt. They also excel in explaining what aftercare patients will need to do at home, such as using an ice pack, to ensure everything goes well afterward. Our office also makes sure you know you can call us if you have any questions or concerns after you go home. If you’re wondering if your discomfort is normal, or any other concern, we have an open communication policy.

If you believe you need a dental appointment and want someone who listens to you, please contact us. You can do this by telephone or on our website. We make it easy for you to connect with us. Look at our social media accounts, too, to get a feel for our dental practice in New Haven.

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