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Dental Emergencies in New Haven

Unlike planning for getting a filling, a dental emergency can arise with little time to figure out how to get an appointment. Whether you’ve just had a tooth get knocked out in an accident or are experiencing severe and sudden tooth pain, we’re here to help you get treatment right away!

Dental emergencies can be extremely uncomfortable, and they can even be life-threatening in a worst-case scenario. At Long Wharf Dental Group, we know how stressful it can be to try to figure out what to do next when you’re experiencing severe pain or oral trauma. That is exactly why we’ve decided to share a few details about how to know when you’re experiencing a dental emergency versus other oral health problems and what our family dentist can do to help you preserve your smile.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

When you love your smile, even a minor chip in your front tooth can feel like a traumatic situation. Fortunately, not all dental problems are urgent issues. Minor chips or a sudden burst of pain when you eat cold food are problems that can usually wait for the next day or week to get treatment.

Alternatively, broken braces, an abscessed tooth, or one that gets knocked out are real dental emergencies that require immediate care. A good rule of thumb to follow is to consider how the symptoms are impacting your comfort. If the pain is severe enough that you can’t eat or drink properly, then it’s a good idea to check in with your emergency family dentist. In cases of a knocked out tooth, contacting your dentist right away can make the difference in whether or not they can save it.

When Do Dental Emergencies Warrant Calling 911?

The American Dental Association reports that around 2% of all emergency room visits are related to dental emergencies. Many dental emergencies aren’t life-threatening, but there are a few situations where they could be. In cases where there is a large amount of bleeding that you can’t get to stop or someone has difficulty breathing, then you’ll want to call for emergency assistance. Severe jaw injuries, such as you might experience from a blow to the face may also require you to call 911, and head trauma that affects your teeth also falls into this category. When you aren’t sure whether or not you should call 911, it is better to err on the side of caution and get professional help with the injury.

Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency in New Haven

Similar to knowing how to handle a serious cut, being aware of how to apply first aid during a dental injury can help reduce pain and provide you or someone you love with the best outcome. If a tooth gets knocked out, then rinse it off with warm water and do your best to keep it in the socket until a dentist can take a look at the injury. If it’s not possible to do that, then putting the tooth in a container with milk or saliva can help the root survive for a possible reattachment.

After a broken or chipped tooth occurs, you’ll want to rinse out your mouth with water to remove any blood or debris. Then, place a cold compress on the area of your outer cheek that was hit to help reduce swelling and pain. Severe tooth pain can sometimes be reduced by rinsing your mouth with water and flossing gently around the area to try to remove any food that’s caught in a cavity or between your teeth.

Ask for a Same-Day Appointment

Time is a crucial factor in the outcome of dental emergencies. That is why Long Wharf Dental Group in New Haven makes room in our schedule for same-day appointments. Severe and unrelenting pain, knocked out teeth and major fractures are all good reasons to contact our office for a same-day appointment. When you experience a dental emergency, make sure to tell us about your symptoms. This makes it possible for us to assess your situation and arrange for a same-day appointment to bring you faster relief.

As a family dentist, we understand how scary it can be to experience a dental emergency in New Haven. While many dental issues don’t require urgent care, being in severe pain, experiencing severe bleeding, or losing a tooth all qualify for fast treatment. We urge you to never hesitate to take care of your oral health. Call Long Wharf Dental Group for a same-day appointment right away!

Our family dentist in New Haven wants you to feel comfortable and love your smile. With a same-day appointment for your dental emergency, we can make sure you’re no longer in severe pain. We may even be able to help you save a tooth that’s been knocked out or fracture. Once you’ve applied first aid, go ahead and give us a call today for a same-day appointment that allows you to immediately start your treatment.

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